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Ongoing Classes & Upcoming Events

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Exclusive NEW class!

We are kicking off 2023 with a special gift for all our customers, clients (past & present), members of our team, and any listeners of the "Her Next Best Move" podcast! We will offer this to the general public as a recorded class at a later date as well as many other new online offerings!


Activate Your Inner Warrior: 
a 21-day series for Men

Each day Jamie will guide you through a 20-minute journey where you will have the opportunity to explore the power of your breath, fine tune your self-awareness, and increase your inner power.

This series is designed to help you

· Bring purpose and fulfillment back into your life

· Manage stress and anxiety by learning to master your nervous system

· Reignite your inner fire and passion

All practices can be done from a seated position.
No prior meditation, breathwork, or yoga experience is required.

You will receive a link to join live daily and the replays if you want to watch them on your own time.

Register for only $21.00!


Transformational Retreat
in Cambodia

Join Jamie & Susan Alden for an adventure of a lifetime.  Journey to Cambodia and experience ancient temples and sacred rituals.  Enjoy authentic, healthy food and luxurious boutique accommodations inside a historic hotel.  Dive deep into the practice of yoga, meditation and breathwork daily.  

Full details about this retreat happening in late May/early June are coming soon!  

If you want to be among the first to know about registration when it opens, please email us at 
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