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Retreats & Classes

Empowering Wellness: 
Explore Breathwork & Hawaiian Health Traditions

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Experience the health-promoting power of your breath, body, and mind through the lens of ancient Hawaiian healing traditions. 

This workshop is designed to help you:

  • Experience the power of your own breath and learn how to activate non-ordinary states of consciousness

  • Understand how patterns of dis-ease lead to disease

  • Clear negative energy and self-limiting beliefs

  • Heal from the past and step into a healthy future

  • Connect more deeply to the sacred within and around you

  • Integrate health-promoting practices into your daily life

Proceeds from this event will go to support families in Maui who have lost their homes in the deadly fires.

October 21st

10:00am - 12:00pm

Franklin, Tennessee

Activation Alchemy
Breathwork, Kriya & Soundbath

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​Jamie & Susan will guide you through a powerful journey where you will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience the transcendental power of your own breath

  • Receive an energetic "reboot" through a restorative soundbath and guided meditation

  • Understand how to release the stress, trauma, and negative energy that is limiting your potential to heal and thrive

  • Learn specific practices you can easily integrate into your life with just 10 minutes or less everyday to elevate your health, vitality, and consciousness

Friday, November 10th


Bella Kai Hot Yoga in Kailua, Hawaii

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Transformational Retreat to Cambodia 

Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork & Adventure

Join Jamie & Susan Alden for an all-inclusive retreat of a lifetime!  Journey to Cambodia and experience ancient temples, delicious food, luxurious accommodations, and cultural experiences with local guides and teachers.  Dive deep into the practice of yoga, meditation and breathwork daily.  This is a retreat you don't want to miss!  Click the link below for all the details!

Medicine Wheel Journey

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In this contemplative, hands-on workshop, Jamie & Susan will guide you through a journey where you will:

  • Practice powerful breathwork to support the learning experience

  • Explore the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel through the lens of the the Four Directions, Creator Stone, and the the Winter Season

  • Identify your current position on your "Wheel of Life"

  • Learn how your relationships play a valuable role in your Wheel and your evolution

  • Experience a deep meditation relevant to the teachings and immerse in a sound bath

  • Make four medicine bundles to honor your journey and activate your prayers and intentions for the year ahead

  • Connect with an inspiring and uplifting community

Friday, December 29th


Bella Kai Yoga in Kailua, Hawaii

Loving Self-Care for Better Breast Health

IG Breast Health.png

On-Demand Course Available NOW! 

Two hours of content that includes valuable information to inform your lifestyle choices, practical exercises, a downloadable audio file of the iRest Yoga Nidra meditation, plus a course guide. 

In this course you will learn & experience: 

  • How your breasts are energy the portals to your heart

  • How your breasts are key to detoxifying the body

  • Things to avoid & enjoy for better breast health

  • Dry brushing and lymphatic drainage techniques to support breast health, your immune system, and overall well-being

  • Breast massage techniques to balance hormones and activate your libido

  • Breathing practices to clear energy blocks in the heart and activate the lymphatic system

  • iRest Yoga Nidra, a deeply healing and restorative guided meditation  


Activate Your Inner Warrior

on-demand class is coming soon!  

Each day Jamie Alden will guide you through a 20-minute journey where you will have the opportunity to explore the power of your breath, fine tune your self-awareness, and increase your inner power.

This series is designed to help you:

  • Bring purpose and fulfillment back into your life

  • Manage stress and anxiety by learning to master your nervous system

  • Reignite your inner fire and passion

All practices can be done from a seated position.  No prior meditation, breathwork, or yoga experience is required.

You will receive a link to join live daily and the replays if you want to watch them on your own time.

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