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You have the potential to significantly impact your own health and well-being. Epigenetic science has revealed a pivotal discovery... that diet and lifestyle trump heredity.  It's true!  Our environment and the choices we make everyday have a greater affect on our health than the genes our parents dealt us.  That's great news because environmental toxins and the stressors of our modern lifestyle alone can make maintaining good health a challenge.     


The best news is that you can now biohack your way to greater well-being through the power of plants and nutrigenomics, a new science based on the relationship between human genome, nutrition and health.  

Mind Body Aloha is proud to partner with a publicly traded company that is on the forefront of the nutrigenomic industry. We offer a line of patented products clinically validated through independent studies from Duke University, Vanderbilt, University of Washington, Ohio State, Harvard,

the American Heart Association and others.   

optimize health & maximize performance

Whether you're eight or eighty-two, a professional athlete, busy stay-at-home parent, healthcare provider or a patient, these products are for YOU!  Our products are scientifically proven to reawaken your body’s capacity to rejuvenate on a massive scale.  They do this by up-regulating your genes' ability to produce your own antioxidants, build healthy mitochondria, increase sirtuin activity, improve your gut's ability to regulate bacteria and support all aspects of cognitive function.  We even have products to support the health and longevity of your pets, including equine.   


Patented, proven & newsworthy 


We've felt it in our own bodies and witnessed the effect on others,

but don't just take our word for it, research it for yourself! 

Explore the independent clinical studies published on, the online library of medical research from the National Institutes of Health.  

ABC Primetime did an investigative report on our flagship product proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days.* Click below to learn what ABC uncovered, see stories from people who've taken the products and hear from healthcare providers who are sharing them.  

*Oxidative stress is the precursor to hundreds of health conditions and chronic disease. 


We're happy to assist!  We can support you whether you are struggling with a chronic health condition, facing a specific diagnosis or an undiagnosed health challenge, OR you are well and simply looking to optimize your health and maximize your performance.  Let's connect! 


These products are a true gift from nature, but they are NOT just plant-based nutritional supplements

they are synergistically formulated activators that turn on cell-signaling pathways in the body

Contact us to learn more about this amazing science! For now, here's a bit about the ingredients....       

Our products are created with non-GMO, plant-based ingredients that are rigorously tested to assure they are free from pesticides and heavy metals.  The five ingredients in Protandim, our patented flagship product, are synergistically blended to be eighteen times more effective than taking each of these herbs individually.   

Click images to learn more about these powerful five ingredients that are rooted in ancient indigenous medicine. 

Visit Nrf2 Warrior to see how these products are supporting the health, healing and performance of elite athletes, military service members and first responders.   

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