My Why for Life

I was an only child and about 10 years old when I decided I wanted to do something different for Christmas. I knew my parents had everything they needed or wanted, so I took the little bit of money I had saved and donated it to our church’s community outreach program to support those in need. I wanted to give my parents a meaningful gift, and I also wanted to do more good for more people. That seemed like a way to do it. I distinctly remember using my very best handwriting to explain it all to my parents in the letter I wrote as my pay-it-forward Christmas gift.

That sense of wanting to have a bigger, far-reaching impact in the world followed me throughout my teens, and it eventually led me to West Point, NY. As I entered the United States Military Academy in 1993, I wasn’t sure what my impact would look like, but I knew being an Army officer would take me far beyond our small Southern town and into the realms of multiple possibilities.

After serving in the military, I continued to dream bigger and seek opportunities to make a broader, more positive impact in the world. In 2003, I opened a brick-and-mortar holistic wellness center called The Open Door with a heart to help others cultivate greater health in mind, body and spirit. It was the seed to what would later become Mind Body Aloha Integrative Holistic Wellness.

Mind Body Aloha started in 2011 as a platform for hosting transformational retreats and workshops. Over the years my husband Jamie and I, with an amazing team of like-hearted souls, have supported the health and well-being of hundreds of individuals from across the globe.

Along the way, I also served as a faculty member and the Executive Director of Warriors at Ease. Through that work, I helped train yoga and meditation teachers who share mind-body practices with thousands of veterans and military service members in the U.S and abroad.

In 2019, after a life-changing journey to India, I was introduced to LifeVantage. I didn’t know much about network marketing, but I recognized the integrity of this publicly traded company and the uniqueness of the products. Within the first few months of saying yes to the opportunity, I also discovered the profound and often misunderstood power of Multi Level Marketing (MLM). Oftentimes people wrongly associate MLM’s with “pyramid schemes” and reduce the business model to nothing more than sales. The truth of the matter is that Corporate America and Department of Defense are far more akin to pyramids than a MLM. In these structures, the climb gets steeper and steeper as you journey to the top, and those who have ventured these paths will tell you that hard work and right action don’t always correlate to promotion. In the MLM business model, everyone - regardless of gender, socio-economic background or educational status - has an equal opportunity to succeed. Humbling as it may be for someone who has invested a lot of time and money towards their education, in the networking marketing industry, a person with a GED has just as much potential and opportunity as someone with a PhD.

Having put aside my own preconceived notions and judgments about MLMs, I now understand that LifeVantage presents a unique opportunity for me to integrate my previous business experience, the leadership skills I’ve developed during my time in the military, and the human skills I’ve learned in the School of Life. My LifeVantage business allows me to serve others and empower people with the ability to experience greater health and well-being. Ultimately, it provides me with an opportunity to make a significant global impact.

It was Dr. Neil Goodman, an Army veteran, Pediatrician and fellow LifeVantage distributor, who helped me to really get in touch with “my why” when he shared his story on stage at a convention in Long Beach, CA. (See video below).

As Jamie and I continue to grow a LifeVantage business together, my sense of purpose and my own why continue to evolve and deepen. However, the core of my why, for everything I’ve done in life, has always been the same… to serve the greater good. At the end of the day, I’m still that same little 10 year old girl who simply wants to have a positive and far-reaching impact on the world.

Our heartfelt intention and vision for Mind Body Aloha is reflected in our logo, and we hope you feel it in all that we share. May our thoughts, words and actions contribute to the well-being of all people so together we can be the aloha we wish to see in the world.

Aloha & Namaste,

Susan Pualani Alden

Neil Goodman, M.D. is a Pediatrician who's been in practice for over 35 years. He's also an Army Veteran and a LifeVantage distributor. This video was filmed during the 2019 EA Academy in Long Beach, CA where Dr. Goodman was part of a panel of doctors who explained the science behind our nutrigenomic products. Dr. Goodman turned the complexity of the science behind Protandim Tri-Synergizer into something that even a kid could understand via a life-size model of a cell. He even dressed up for the occasion! After the science experiment-like presentation, he was asked to share his story about why he continues to be committed to sharing our products and why he loves being part a of the LifeVantage community.

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