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Aloha!  Are you ready to up-level your health?  Throughout the year we will be doing a series of resets.  Our first adventure of 2022 starts January 10th!  You are invited to join us as we RELEASE, RESTORE & REVIBE as a tribe for 21 days! 

This is a self-created and self-directed journey.  In other words YOU create your plan!  However, we are going to offer some guidance, suggestions, and inspiration.  You can incorporate what feels right for you based on your current health journey and resources.  This is an opportunity to take some small steps... or even BIG steps to transform your health!

Start this process by taking time to reflect, set your intentions and create an action plan for yourself.  Remember keep it simple and realistic!  You may choose to focus on transforming the way you eat or creating a new daily routine that includes mindfulness practices or more exercise.  We highly suggest that the plan you create includes commitments to support not just your physical body, but your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Remember, creating better health isn't just about what you eat... it's about what you consume mentally and how you feel emotionally and spiritually.  Disease in the body begins with dis-ease in the mind and spirit.  

A good way to get started on this 21 day journey is to download this worksheet (scroll to bottom) and write your intentions down. Place it some place you will see it every day of your 21-day journey!


Remember... YOU are creating your plan to thrive with this reset.  Throughout the 21 days, members of our Mind Body Aloha & LifeVantage Ohana will be sharing lots of information on social media that will support your journey, especially when it comes to food.    


Our team lead in January of 2022 is Jennifer Alice Murray (we call her JAM for short).  Over the 21 days, Jennifer is going to inspire you to eat a plant-based, non-processed diet.  If you are following the "JAM plan," her are the guidelines:



Jennifer Alice Murray is a vegan chef and cookbook author.  She'll be sharing recipes from her books on social media, but you can also purchase them here:   

The 30-Minute Vegan

Taste of the East

Idiots Complete Guide to Eating Raw


Follow Jennifer on Facebook or Instagram for food inspiration and fun during the 21 days!

Susan Alden, co-founder of Mind Body Aloha, will also be sharing ideas and inspiration on her social media as well as the private Facebook group were many are gathered to support one another on this reset.  Susan will share nutrition tips, important info on gut health, juicing, how to sprout and eat raw, living foods and MORE!  Follow Susan on Instagram, Facebook, and/or the 21-Day Reset Group. 

Get Started 

Download the 21-Day Reset Worksheet here.  Set your intentions create a plan to


Get Groceries

If you are going to focus on shifting the way you eat and use some of Jennifer & Susan's ideas, you may want to stock up on these items.   

Get Connected

Do you want the support of a tribe?  Then join our private Facebook group.  Share your journey!  Learn from others!  Let's cheer each other on as we #releaserestorerevibe.


Click on the images to download these helpful tips! 

Want to really ENERGIZE your progress?  

If you are transforming  the way you eat, it's good to have some additional support.  Plus, you may experience some craving and detox symptoms, especially in the beginning if you are really sticking to the "JAM food plan."  We offer some extraordinary products that will support you along the way, and many find they can RADICALLY CHANGE YOUR HEALTH! 

We prefer to have a one-on-one conversation with you so that we can recommend what might be best for you.  However, if you want to explore some products on your own, here are some suggestions to support this reset.  

WATCH THIS CLASS from Susan & Jennifer Alice Murray to learn how to support your detox and get the most out of your reset.

21-Day Reset Getting Started Kit

Protandim Nrf2 will supports detox.  Axio will keep your energy high and help you curb cravings.  

Gut Health Essentials 

Fat Burner 

Ultimate Reset Kit

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